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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen der Infinite Balikbayan Cargo OG

  • A down payment of 10€ will be charged per empty balikbayan box upon delivery and will be deducted from the end price of the same balikbayan box on pick up. 
  • Customers must ensure that their balikbayan box is properly sealed and state correct and complete names and addresses of the sender and receiver.
  • The balikbayan box dimensions of our Queen size box are 70cm x 45cm x 70cm and our King size box are 80cm x 60cm x 60cm. The dimensions should be followed, otherwise additional charges may apply.
  • The price includes liability insurance per balikbayan box. For Queen size boxes: from 99€ and not more than 119€. For King size boxes: from 134€ and not more than 154€. For irregular sized items: as per declared price.
  • The balikbayan box insurance comes into effect only by total lost of the box.
  • Any damages caused to the to the balikbayan container and other balikbayan boxes due to the contents of a particular balikbayan box, is not covered by the insurance and will be the responsibility, risk and cost of the sender.
  • Infinity Balikbayan Cargo is not liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by natural disasters, acts of terrorism or criminal acts of any person or entities.
  • The balikbayan declaration and packing lists are filled out and signed by the sender as per the Philippine customs requirements. The balikbayan declaration and packing lists are the primary documents wich specify or describe contents of the balikbayan box.
  • Incomplete and incorrect details of the declaration and packing list of the balikbayan box will be the responsibility, risk and cost of the sender.
  • Only fully paid balikbayan boxes/ irregular sized items will be delivered.
  • We adhere to the Austrian law in case of any dispute.